You have a vision. 
We think you've had it
since you were little.

Have you been picturing your wedding day in your head for a long time? Maybe you've imagined the dream dress or the way your bouquet will look or maybe it's an image in your mind of a gorgeous reception and beautiful backdrop for photos.

We're the Bostelman and  Messmer Tribes

hi there!

After years of farming this land for over thirty years and living on it since 2012, we knew this place was special and we wanted to share it with others. We tossed around multiple ideas from a cattle pasture to a concert venue, but ultimately we landed on the perfect wedding venue for Northwest Ohio couples.

We love helping our community and we knew our decision was the right one as there aren't many venues like us in the area. So we set out to build our two-story wedding venue and broke ground in August of 2020 with our first wedding held June 19, 2021 (the day after we hung our chandelier!)

Now we host forty weddings a year and get the privilege to witness the start of countless families.

There's no other venue like us.

Are there other barn wedding venues in Ohio? For sure! BUT...there aren't many that:

  • Are two stories so you can easily have one area for your ceremony and one for your reception. That way you don't have to move people outside while your ceremony space gets rearranged for your reception. 

  • Offer a two-day package so you can have your rehearsal and dinner at our facility.

  • Have a room full of rentals at NO CHARGE to you. We call it our "Something Borrowed" room.

  • Have an AirBnB next to their property allowing the bridesmaids or people traveling a place to stay!

a hidden gem, 150+ acre wedding venue in northwest ohio

It is absolutely stunning, both indoors and out.  This venue has some of the MOST beautiful spots for sunset photos and the owners are more than happy to load us into a golf cart to get us out to these spots! The owners are SO nice and accommodating.

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meet jaci

the face behind the biz

While we are a family owned farm, the main person you'll see when planning your event is me, Jaci. I run events, communicate with clients, schedules tours, and more. In addition to all things planning you'll see me mowing grass and working on flower beds on the farm with my parents and husband Brett.

Here are the really important things to know about me:
  • I'm a book nerd
  • I LOVE going to concerts (Any fellow Swifties?!)
  • I'm an athlete with volleyball as my sport of choice

I learned from a young age playing softball all the way through college that your team is your family and your family is your team. My husband, myself, and four kids make up our tight knit unit with both sets of grandparents in the mix. When we all work together we know we can do anything and we've built this venue to be a well-oiled machine.

Can't wait to meet you!
- Jaci

We have everything you're looking for in a Northwest Ohio wedding venue.

The wedding venue you choose is more than just the place you get married: it's also the place you start your family. We understand that. It's why we work so hard to make sure your experience with us is over the top with customer service and that you're relaxed the entire day.

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